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Kurtwood Larson Smith (born July 3, 1943) is an American television and film actor. He is best known for playing Clarence Boddicker in RoboCop and stern parental characters (That '70s Show, Dead Poets Society, Worst Week), and for his appearances in the genre of science fiction (Star Trek, The X-Files). He also starred in the seventh season of 24. ​From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Birthday    :   1943-07-03
Place Of Birth    :   New Lisbon, Wisconsin, USA
Known Movie/TV Credits    :   Unknown
Last Appeared In    :   Unknown


Firestarter Dr. Joseph Wanless 2022-05-12
In Search of Tomorrow Self - Interviewee 2022-02-19
Business Ethics Magnus Hardcastle 2020-10-23
El Camino Christmas Sheriff Bob Fuller 2017-12-08
Amityville: The Awakening Dr. Milton 2017-07-20
Regular Show: The Movie Gene 2015-09-01
Turbo Indy CEO 2013-07-11
Hitchcock Geoffrey Shurlock 2012-11-22
Cedar Rapids Orin Helgesson 2011-02-11
Green Lantern: First Flight Kanjar Ro (voice) 2009-07-28
Starz Inside - Unforgettably Evil Self 2009-07-26
Entry Level Nick 2007-01-01
Hard Scrambled Benno 2006-10-13
That '70s Show: The Final Goodbye Self 2006-05-11
The Trouble with Dee Dee William Rutherford 2005-10-16
Trespassing Dr. Theodore Rosen 2004-10-22
Lonely Place 2004-09-12
Teddy Bears' Picnic Sec. of Transportation William Easter 2002-03-29
Girl, Interrupted Dr. Crumble 1999-03-24
Deep Impact Otis Hefter 1998-05-08
Shelter Tom Cantrell 1998-01-16
A Bright Shining Lie General Westmoreland 1998-01-01
Prefontaine Curtis Cunningham 1997-01-24
Citizen Ruth Norm Stoney 1996-11-21
A Time to Kill Stump Sisson 1996-07-24
Broken Arrow Secretary of Defense Baird 1996-02-09
To Die For Earl Stone 1995-09-22
Last of the Dogmen Sheriff Deegan 1995-09-08
Under Siege 2: Dark Territory General Stanley Cooper 1995-07-13
Dead on Sight Julian Thompson 1994-10-12
RoboCop: The Future of Law Enforcement Clarence Boddicker 1994-03-14
Doorways Traeger 1994-01-01
Heart and Souls Patterson (uncredited) 1993-08-13
The Crush Cliff Forrester 1993-04-02
Boxing Helena Dr. Alan Harrison 1993-03-22
Fortress Prison Director Poe 1992-09-30
The Please Watch the Jon Lovitz Special Himself 1992-05-17
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Federation President 1991-12-06
Shadows and Fog Vogel's Follower 1991-12-05
Company Business Elliot Jaffe 1991-09-06
Oscar Lt. Toomey, Chicago PD 1991-04-26
Quick Change Russ Crane / Lombino 1990-07-13
12:01 PM Myron Castleman 1990-01-01
Heart of Dixie Professor Flournoy 1989-08-25
Dead Poets Society Mr. Perry 1989-06-02
True Believer Robert Reynard 1989-02-17
Two Idiots in Hollywood Defense Attorney 1988-10-01
Rambo III Griggs 1988-05-24
RoboCop Clarence Boddicker 1987-07-17
The Delos Adventure Arthur McNeil 1987-01-01
The Christmas Gift Jake Richards 1986-12-21
Power's Play 1986-08-30
The Midnight Hour Captain Warren Jensen 1985-11-01
International Airport Gilbert 1985-05-25
Deadly Messages Lieutenant Burton 1985-02-21
Flashpoint Carson 1984-04-19
Going Berserk Clarence 1983-09-30
Staying Alive Choreographer 1983-07-11
Missing Pieces Sincoff 1983-05-14
The Renegades Captain Frank Scanlon 1982-08-11
Zoot Suit Sergeant Smith 1981-10-02
Murder in Texas Gus Kalb 1981-05-03
Tv Series
That '90s Show Red Forman 2023-01-19
The Dropout David Boies 2022-03-03
Ultra City Smiths Carpenter K. Smith (voice) 2021-09-13
Jupiter's Legacy Old Man Miller 2021-05-07
Star Trek: Lower Decks (voice) 2020-08-06
The Movies That Made Us Self 2019-11-29
Perpetual Grace LTD Uncle Dave 2019-06-02
Future Man Vise 2017-11-14
The Ranch Sam Peterson 2016-04-01
Patriot Leslie Claret 2015-11-03
Pig Goat Banana Cricket Angry Old Raisin (voice) 2015-07-16
Marvel's Agent Carter Vernon Masters 2015-01-06
Resurrection Henry Langston 2014-05-15
Rick and Morty General Nathan (voice) 2013-12-02
Beware the Batman Lieutenant James Gordon (voice) 2013-07-13
Robot and Monster Mr. Wheelie (voice) 2012-08-04
Green Lantern: The Animated Series Shyir Rev (voice) 2011-11-11
CHAOS H.J. Higgins 2011-04-01
Regular Show Gene / Park Ranger #3 (voice) 2010-09-06
Neighbors from Hell 2010-06-07
Titan Maximum Mercury General (voice) 2009-09-27
Worst Week Dick Clayton 2008-09-22
Squirrel Boy 2006-07-14
Psych Brett Connors 2006-07-07
Robot Chicken 2005-02-20
Medium F.B.I. Agent Edward Cooper 2005-01-03
House Dr. Obyedkov 2004-11-16
Fillmore! 2002-09-14
ChalkZone 2002-03-22
Justice League Prosecutor (voice) 2001-11-17
UC: Undercover 2001-09-30
The Zeta Project Agent James Bennet (voice) 2001-01-27
Gary & Mike 2001-01-12
Malcolm in the Middle Principal Block 2000-01-09
Batman Beyond Agent Bennett (voice) 1999-01-10
That '70s Show Red Forman 1998-08-23
Men in Black: The Series Forbus (voice) 1997-10-11
E! True Hollywood Story Self 1996-08-21
3rd Rock from the Sun Jacob 1996-01-09
Star Trek: Voyager Annorax 1995-01-16
The X-Files Agent Bill Patterson 1993-09-10
Big Wave Dave's Jack Lord 1993-08-09
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Thrax 1993-01-03
Eek! The Cat 1992-09-11
The Nightmare Years Dr. Josef Goebbels 1989-11-17
The New Adventures of Beans Baxter 1987-07-18
21 Jump Street Spencer Phillips 1987-04-12
Blue Thunder 1984-01-06
The Renegades Captain Scanlon 1983-03-04
The A-Team Mr. Carson 1983-01-23
Newhart 1982-10-02
Lou Grant 1977-09-20